Expressing Emotions

It is through your knowing of yourself that you come to be the powerful being you are. You also then allow the compassion and love that is within you to emerge for all to see and experience. Many of you hide it within you or suppress it within you in fear. You feel that you will be perceive as being weak, but the opposite is true for it takes a strong individual to allow the stronger emotions to come forth and be expressed to all. It takes a strong individual to stand and be firmly expressive of that which they feel within themselves. Here you allow to flow freely the emotions of the heart to be released and expressed and shared with others.

You are feeling beings. Feeling is part of what you came here to experience while in the physical body. Do it and use it to your fullest advantage. Feel deeply with the emotions and compassion and passion that is within you and wanting to be express. It is through the expression of it that you allow the energies to flow through you strongly and easily. If you suppress them, you are stifling the energies and you turn them inward on yourself with no means or avenues of release. In doing this, you cause the body to become unbalanced and in being unbalanced you cause the body to manifest within itself physical health issues. Freely express that which you feel inside of yourself and enjoy the feeling of it and the release of it. Also as you release these feelings you will not only share them with others in your intimate circle of friends, but you also add them to the energy consciousness of all peoples in physical form.

Now you are probably thinking about what if you have an angry emotion and you release that. How will that help the energy consciousness of all? You are actually very good at the present time at releasing the so labeled negative emotions of anger and others similar to it. And that is why your planet is in the condition it is in. But it is the higher vibrations of joy, passion, love, gratitude, appreciation, happiness, and compassion that you don’t release for full expression. If you would do this, then not only would you feel better, but you would in effect cancel out the lower vibrations of anger, aggression, sadness, and so forth for a lower vibration cannot exist where a higher vibration is present. It is not possible.

As you release this higher vibration emotion, not only will you assist others in finding, feeling, and releasing that emotion in themselves as well as be contributing to the raising the overall energy consciousness of the planet, but you will also raise through all the cells of your body a higher vibration of consciousness. If the cells are in this high level of consciousness then they will express that change in your physical body as excellent health and well being.

Each of your cells has its own consciousness which is independent to itself, but at the same time strongly affected by the level and vibration of consciousness that you bring forth and express in your mind. Your mind rules your body. It is not your body ruling your mind. This is one of the ways that your mind influences your body. Just by the level of thought held and expressed and by the level of emotions and feelings felt and expressed. So you see it is quite simple to powerfully affect your body, your environment, your fellow physical beings, and your planet in a way that causes the higher vibration of joy, happiness, compassion, and so forth to be felt and maintained. You are the creators of your world in more powerful ways than you realize and this is one of the most powerful methods.

Will you step forth and add to the higher vibration of the planet and at the same time create excellent health in your own body by feeling and releasing through expression the emotions of higher vibration? You and all who inhabit your planet will be so much better if you do. Be responsible for your feelings and emotions of higher vibration. Be strong and powerful in releasing them through expression for as you do this you will also feel within yourself a strength and power build that will sustain you at all times.

This is an excerpt from Auriella’s new book The Divinity of the Mind: Writings for Inspiration and Empowerment.

Auriella O’Neill is a master at assisting people in being more inspired and empowered in their life by teaching them how to be Conscious Creators and releasing limiting beliefs and/or fears that are keeping them stuck in their life.

Raise Your Consciousness to Impact Health

Raising your consciousness can have a profound impact on the level of one’s health. Understanding the different levels and aligning with them can have significant effects on the long term prosperity of your health and wellbeing. You become awake, aware and conscious of your life choices.

Each level of consciousness coincides with certain human behaviours and perceptions about life. Each level represents a field of varying strength that exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. The numbers on the scale represent logarithmic calibrations of the levels of human consciousness and its corresponding level of reality.

The numbers are subjective; the significance lies in the relationship of one number (or level) to another. People in levels of Power (love, empathy and understanding) vibrate at a level of love-based emotions. They are increasingly aligned with the present moment and the universal forces.People in levels of Force vibrate at a level of fear-based emotions. They are more inclined to exert control.

It is generally more effective when you are around people at higher consciousness levels which are closer to your level (vs. a huge distance ahead), since it is easier for your energy levels to reach resonance with theirs.

There are two particular levels where one experiences a marked leap vs. the other levels. The first is Courage, which separates the levels of force (200). This is the first waking point from the sleepwalker status.

The second is Acceptance, where one recognises it is he himself who is the conscious creator of everything in his life. This is the point where one completely awakes from sleepwalking.

Subsequently when you begin to raise your consciousness, your ability to impact your health greatly increases. Due to the power of our energy fields, healing arises as a result of our attitude and belief system that we hold in our mind. Thus health becomes an expression of the levels of consciousness we are vibrating at.

Health means a sense of aliveness which is determined by the higher energy field. The body will express whatever is held at the level of the mind. If you’re consciousness is low and you continually entertain limiting and toxic thoughts of ill health, your body will mirror this belief. You become that which you think about and hold in your mind. Achieving health is the result of transcending any limitations and feelings of separation. We become at one with our mind and body.

Many people choose to program their minds to think limiting and negative thoughts continually. They believe this is their default state. This could be further from the truth. One merely needs to look at a young child to see their thoughts are filled with love, openness and receptivity. Therefore, if we’re able to entertain negative thought states, we can alternatively change these thoughts to attract higher thoughts which are in alignment with our desire to be healthy.

As long as you think negative, limiting and self defeating thoughts your body will not know a higher state of health. The highest state of health cannot reside in a body whose mind is toxic and self defeating. One must continually improve their mental attitude in order to seek a higher expression of consciousness. If we agree with a thought about our body, the effect is that we bring it into our consciousness, which begins expressing itself in our body. The body follows what the mind instructs it to do so. Therefore healing and health arise as a result of addressing both the physical state of the body and also the mental state.

The important aspect worth noting here is that we are not always conscious of our thoughts – we talk about being unconscious in such a case. When you consciously look back at the thought that may have created the physical symptom within the body, you may have no recollection of ever entertaining such thoughts. Yet the body is expressing that these thoughts exist. The thought may have been held at the unconscious level and so it is important that one traces the origin of the thought and heal it.

When you regularly entertain positive, self empowering thoughts the power of the thought have the potential to flow through the meridian points otherwise known as acupuncture points located within the body. The energy flowing through the meridians is known as Qi (pronounced chi) energy. The meridians are like gates which govern the flow of energy or qi to the organs and other body’s systems. Disease may affect the organ within the channel of the qi pathway, located where there is a blockage at the gate. So, an unconscious belief gives energy to the illness, manifesting as a mental construct, which leads the body to express the thought on a physical realm.

Therefore, become aware of your thoughts more often. This may not necessarily mean observing every thought – rather note the theme of your thoughts. Becoming conscious means being aware and awake. You see the world in a new way through the eyes of a child witnessing their surroundings for the first time. Life takes on new meaning and is imbued with substance and purpose as your consciousness expands.

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